Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Thoughts

Just some random comments:

1. I have my postpartum checkup the other day and all is good. I can start doing sit ups now. :)
2. I ran 25 min on the treadmill the other day for a total of 2.5 miles. Yes that is 10 min miles. But running continuous for that long was impressive for me at this stage.
3. I have 8 more pounds to lose to pre pregnancy weight from the 34 that I gained. I feel very good about this.
4. I start back to work in 9 days. And while I am sure it will be hard to leave, I think it will be good for my mental state.
5. We still aren't on a sleeping schedule. Some nights she has slept as much at 5-6 hours (YEAH!!) and other nights it is every 3. There is no rhyme or reason.
6. I got my hair cut today and feel like a new person. I just got it trimmed as I am growing it out to donate but it felt good to have a little me time and feel pretty again.
7. Lance Armstrong is going to be the graduation speaker at HPU this year and I am super excited. I have already had conversations with EZ about what I should get signed (he said too bad we didn't just sell the yellow aerohelmet!)
8. As a perk at work, the president gave us Ipads. It is basically just a ginormous Itouch but I think it will be great to watch movies on when traveling.
9. I am planning on doing a 5K in the beginning of October. Just to have a base of where I am at. I then plan on doing a 7 mile trail race in December and a half marathon in March. That is all my running ideas at the moment.
10. I have good days and bad days (or rather good moments and bad moments) and I think it is sleep that triggers if I am have a little meltdown.
11. We started trying out the cloth diapers yesterday and haven't mastered down quite the right tightness so that they don't leak. Or maybe they don't quite fit yet.
12. I starting watching Glee on netflix and OMG it is fabulous. I have only seen the first 8 episodes so far but it is hysterical! Love it (and EZ likes it too!)
13. Last but not least, Piper has found a new nap position with me...the boppy:

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Life on the Cremona said...

I got addicted to Glee during Tenley's newborn phase too! :) I think Sue is quite funny. I also like Burn Notice.

I can't believe you're going back to work already! Wow, so quick huh??!!

I hope that the sleeping routine gets better for Piper. It has definitely helped my sanity when baby sleeps. My first week of work was this week, and I survived. I as exhausted but a new sense of energy once I was home with baby. :)

Enjoy your last days of summer!