Wednesday, September 01, 2010


We headed to the Outerbanks for a quick weekend trip to meet EZ's brother and their family there. They had rented a house in Salvo for the week and graciously let us come and stay with them for a couple days. We could have forgoed the trip and they could have driven out to see us on their way back to NY but we took them up on the chance to get away for the weekend.

This was our first trip with APZ, and geez, we need a lot more crap to bring her along. Not just the packnplay but all the other essentials-diapers and wipes and pump stuff and clothes for every occasion, the stroller, borrowed a pop up tent for the beach for her, just about everything under the sun.

We had a great plan. She has started somewhat of a pattern at night waking up for a middle of the night feed, anywhere from 1-3 and then again around 5am. Our plan was to be packed and then when she got up at 5, feed her and head out. We went to bed at our usual 9pm at night and then the unimaginable happened. By 5am she hadn't woken up at all. What do we do?? It has been 8 hours we got up and ate breakfast and packed the car. Still she slept. At 6am, I woke her up and changed her and started to feed her but she was pretty much dead asleep. It took 30 min to feed her when it normally takes about 15. In the car, more sleeping. Woke up briefly to eat and then back to sleep.

We made it to the OBX and hung out for a little and she was actually awake for a couple hours and then fell back asleep. After another feeding, she fell back asleep at 3:30 that afternoon. And she slept, and slept, and slept...until 11:00pm. I kept asking EZ if we should wake something wrong, but he said, she obviously needs sleep, so we let her sleep. She went back to bed too and slept until the morning. In a period of 36 hours, we probably had only 4-5 waking hours. It was truly bizarre and what I am attributing to a growth spurt (she had been feeding a lot preceding this). Now we are back on our being awake all morning and sleeping in the afternoon for our nap.

It was our first trip to the OBX and it was beautiful weather and EZ had fun in the ocean while I hung out with Piper under the tent. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Our 3 nieces with Piper:

At the lighthouse:

And a couple photos of her many faces:

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runningyankee said...

great to see you last night. piper really is more adorable in person!