Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work and Day Care

So I am back at work and things seem to be going alright. Piper is in her second week at day care. By day care, I mean I drop her off at someones house two days a week. She seems to be enjoying her days as her nanny hasn't seen her cry yet, except for when I pick her up. :( The last two days I have gone to get her, when I pick her up and take her from Jaime, she has cried. Kind of depressing.

She is all smiles and giggles with me in the morning though and the last two nights she has slept for almost 12 hours each night. I am not sure what she is doing, but we did switch to putting her in a gown and swaddling and I think with the gown around her feet she can get out of the swaddle as easily. Both nights she has gotten her arms out, but the rest of the swaddle stays around her. She doesn't nap much during the day and we are usually lucky now if she takes one good 2 hour nap. Usually it is a lot of cat napping 30min here and there. But I can't complain because she is great at night. Usually we have just one middle of the night feeding halfway through, so it isn't bad now.

We finally got the baby jogger rigged up with the car seat adapter and I tried it out yesterday morning for the first time. I went to take pictures only to find that the camera battery was dead. She seemed to enjoy the wind blowing across her and the steady running and took a little nap during the run. I managed to run most of the time, walking up a few of the bigger hills in the neighborhood. Just have to get use to pushing an extra 50lbs for now until she can ride in it without the car seat.

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