Tuesday, September 07, 2010


According to EZ, our daughter doesn't poop.

So APZ has some erratic pooping schedules as babies do, but we had gotten on a pretty regular every other day poop deal. I went back to work this past week and EZ stayed home with our darling angel and of course her pooping schedule was MWF not the TTh he was home. Well he had a three day weekend and so our scheduled day was Sunday for our next adventure and what do we have...no poop. And what about Monday, nope, still nothing. Now we are going on 4 days and what person would be comfortable after 4 days of not pooping...so little miss APZ has been a bit fussy. So fussy I was up with her at 4 this morning and we were up and down from 4 on.

So at 7:15 I sit down to feed her again before I need to go to work and EZ heads off to work. Literally the minute he walked out the door after saying goodbye, bam! Oh my sweet daughter, your dad is missing out here! One of these days you need to grace him with the biggest present possible as you have done for me so many times!

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