Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Terrible Tarheels

We have 1/2 a season of UNC bball tix and last night was our first ACC game of the season. Now I know the heels haven't been doing well at all, I mean a loss to College of Charleston and a few others. Even back when they were playing in the fall, the games we saw were very sloppy. The ball handling skills of the team are horrific and it is a shame that they are just not that good this year. Who knows how they managed the win against Michigan State in the fall, that was unreal. Makes me think that we should have passed on tix this year. But oh well. I am excited that we have UNC vs NCSU tix and so for those of you who think I am a traitor for liking UNC, I always root for NCSU when they play against each other and I will wear red to that game.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and all looks good, heartrate of BZ was 156 and the doctor said it sounded strong. All other things were good too. And I did not know that me mentioning the baby bump would cause so many comments. I will take a pix this weekend at 15 weeks and post it.

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