Thursday, January 14, 2010

8am classes are exhausting

I haven't taught an 8am class in a while but I have a Tues/Thur 8am class this semester. I think I have gotten use to sleeping in a little (by that I mean until like 6:45 or 7), but in order to make it to work I really should leave by 7 for my 8o'clock class. I have taken to setting the alarm at 6:20. Really, this shouldn't seem too early for me, but my whole system has gone out of whack. I go to bed now before 10 and sleep until 7 and I am tired all the time. Hopefully in a few weeks the tiredness is suppose to go down a little and my 6:20am wakeup won't be too bad. Now I am eating breakfast earlier and that pushes up my lunch. It is 11:30 right now and I am already hungry (and I had a snack about 45min ago). :)

I ran for 10 min again yesterday after my 25 min on the bike and elliptical. I had to go slower than 10min pace which was a mental downer for me, but maybe I was just having a bad day! While I have been on the bike and elliptical I have been reading Animal Vegetable Miracle which has inspired me to do all sorts of things. EZ has come to accept my level of craziness and said he would be willing to try anything I want to make. The latest of these is making my own cheese. I even search around NC for a cheese making class! And speaking of classes, I am suppose to start a sewing class soon but I wasn't paying any attention and it turns out the class interferes with 2 of our UNC bball games that we have tix for and since we paid a lot for those, I called up the Community college and they are just putting me in the next class that starts mid March. I did find another class though on making homemade all natural products that I might take. We'll see.

As for the pregnancy, other than being tired, not too much else. I have never in my life experienced heartburn and even a few weeks ago asked EZ what it feels like. "Like burning in your heart" is what he told me. But what does that feel like??? Funny I should have asked because a couple days ago I came home and told him that I had heartburn for the first time and it really was like a burning in your heart! It wasn't too bad though and it didn't last long, so no big deal. But I know that means it probably will be coming back to haunt me!

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Krista said...

I want to make cheese too - I found a class near Grand Rapids to take :) By the way I lived on Tums while I was preggers - the heartburn sucks!!!