Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Schedule

I know many of the people that read this are triathletes, and since this started out as a triathlonish blog, I guess I should update on my 2010 schedule. I didn't do anything in 2009 for many different reasons. One being our 3 week trip to Europe and I started training lightly when we got back but never truly got into anything. As for this year, there is only one date scheduled:

July 17th(ish) - giving birth to our first child

I am currently 12 weeks preggers and all things are looking good. I waited this long to post anything for many reasons and we even surprised both of our families at Christmas by waiting to tell them until then.

We gave EZ's parents are card that said to Grandma and Grandpa....Love EZ, LZ and the baby. They were very excited that we will be giving them grandchild number 4 (in hopes that maybe it will be a boy since they have 3 granddaughters already). Then after just a few days earlier telling my mom that EZ and I didn't think we were going to have kids, we gave my parents a picture frame with the following picture inside:

Now I think the picture is pretty self explanatory, don't you??? And yes that is full on baby razorback gear! This is what happened when my mom opened the present. (Sorry for the quality of the video as the lighting was terrible):

It was pretty funny and my whole family is very excited (I bet they hope for a boy too since they already have little Amelia!). As for EZ and I, we both have no preferences to a boy or a girl and it seems that girls might be running on both sides of the family, we are scheduled to find out the sex on Feb 17th.

I haven't been able to do all that much exercising at all. I still am going to yoga and have been able to go ride the stationary bike or get on the elliptical for 30-45 min a few times a week but running has been shot out the window. I have had some serious asthma issues and then while they got better, it seems that running exhausts me to the extreme. I can manage 10-15 min at best a couple times a week but since it has become so exhausting I have stuck to the bike and elliptical. I need to do something so I can keep eating ice cream! Speaking of which, the sis bought me some excellent Lemon Custard ice cream from Moomers and it survived the drive home from MI so that is on my dessert list tonight!

Here is to a great new beginning to our family in 2010!


Rebecca DeWire said...

CONGRATS!!! Such exciting news.

Life on the Cremona said...

Laurie, I laughed so hard at your mom's video that I watched it 2 more times!!!! HAHAAHAHA!

Yay!! glad that you're doing well and everyone is excited!!!!!!!!! i think 10-15 minutes of exercise is okay. working full time i'm sure you're exhausted all of the time!

the cat is out of the bag at school now....i got through all day today with no one saying anything until last period. then 2 of my girls came up to me and asked me 3 questions: 1.) how was your break? 2.) what presents did i get? 3.) what time does the bell ring? HAHA. then they walked away and i asked them if they had any other questions. 5 minutes later one of them came back and said: "Well, I don't want to sound rude, but are you pregnant?" Then of course all of the girls say I KNEW IT and immediately came up with baby girl names. HAHA (amber marie and pearly shells were the favorites). LOL.

YAY! so excited for you!!!!!

Emily said...

Congratulations!! Very excited for you guys :)

Krista said...

LOVE the video! Wish I could have seen that one in person :)

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

CONGRATS!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes for you!

Ashley Hanson said...

Congrats Laurie!! I'm SO excited for you and Eric! :)