Sunday, January 31, 2010


As stated, EZ was building a desk in our loft area and it is all complete. He did a wonderful job and it looks great. Here is the new desk:

We started the process of cleaning out the office. Really this was our room upstairs that we had our computer in (on just a table) and lots of boxes of crap that we have yet to really do anything with since we have moved here. We spent a few hours the other day going through all of the office stuff in the room so transfer to the new desk. Throwing out all sorts of stuff and shredding what seemed like thousands of documents dating back almost 3 years. We are still going through lots of stuff and putting together the donation pile and figuring out what we can sell on ebay/craigs list. Then we can start loading in all the baby stuff we already have!

Here is a photo midprocess of cleaning out the room:

As for goal setting...we both went through step 1 of Nick's plan for goal setting of basically creating a bucket list of what we want to accomplish in life and then broke it down into 5 year intervals. Here are a few things on my 30-34 age group list:
Be a Good Wife and New Mom
Have an all natural birth
Spend more time with family/friends
Eat Healthy(er)-more local/organic/environmental and make better food choices
Work on Patience
Start a Garden
Learn to Sew and Knit and make more Crafts
Work on Yoga and Flexibility
Break 22min in a 5K

I think it was a really good process of just taking the time to write out things you want to do/accomplish in life and prioritizing them. It also helped (I think) both EZ and I just focus a little more on ourselves and really just being present with life.


Peggy said...

I would highly recommend "The Bradley Method" book for reading up on natural child birth. I had Abby without drugs, and know you can do it!

Hope you guys are staying warm with all the winter weather.

Alicia Parr said...

Great goals!

I have a stack of books on pregnancy and childbirth that I can give you. Free. That's a friends and family discount. ;) I don't have the Bradley Method book, but lots of others that are very consistent w/ several of the goals you've set. We're heading out your direction for a fun run race on Valentines Day, so maybe we could drop by, deliver books and share baby stories?

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Love the goals! If you have a little girl I think sewing is a can make such cute things. I am working on trying to figure out things to sew for a little boy (I will let you know how that goes). If you guys are ever in the eastern most part of the state stop by...

Anonymous said...

I object to the statement "...and lots of boxes of crap that we have yet to really do anything with since we have moved here."

I have moved and restacked those boxes on several occasions!

BriGaal said...

I love the goal list.

EZ is so handy!!