Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy 2010

We finally made it home last night after what seemed to me like the longest trip ever. I have only been gone 1 1/2 weeks but it seems much longer. After leaving Buffalo, I headed to my parents for a few days while EZ flew home to work. He then flew back up to MI and we headed up further north to Traverse City for New Years with my sister and her family.

New year's was nice...some hanging out and some Rock Band were all we needed to have some fun and lots of good food including homemade sushi and homemade pizza and homemade granola. Although I didn't like the granola that much because of the coconut, I found a totally different granola recipe I will be trying out tomorrow. If it works and tastes good, I'll be sure to post up the recipe.

After a fun few days up north, we traveled back to mom and dads for a day before driving home. Man it was cold up there and tons of snow. When we left Ann Arbor yesterday it was 3 degrees out! Not that it is too much better here in NC. But a high of 36 and SUN is pretty nice after a week of bitter cold and snow.

More coming soon from our trip!

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Krista said...

Good to see you guys too :) I have another granola recipe I can pass on to you as well if you don't like the one you make. Thanks for all the Italy advice.