Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovely Weekend

It has gotten a little warm here in the south, thank goodness. I was so over a few weeks of the bitter cold. Although the 40's are coming back later this week, the 60 degrees and sunshine has been wonderful. Made it out for a nice walk on Friday and again today which was great.

I was up at the gym on Sunday morning and I managed a whopping 15 min on the treadmill at 9:40pace! Don't be jealous that I can run that fast! I was pleasantly surprised that it went so well and am still hoping to increase my running eventually to at least 20-30 min so that once it does get warmer I can head outdoors instead of going to the gym.

We drove to G.G's (grandmas) house on Sunday for a little visit with her and a couple of my aunts and uncles. It was been a while since we have seen them, and it was time. I told her we would hopefully be back for Easter and then again maybe in the fall after little BZ is born. I am starting to think that it is a little girl in their while EZ has gone from thinking it is a boy to not having a clue.

On the "to-do" list for EZ is a bunch of things and one of them is to build a desk in our loft area since we are going to move our "office" (which really is just a table with our computer and filing cabinets and boxes of crap that we haven't even unpacked since we moved in 3 years ago) out and it will become the nursery. We went to Lowes and Home Depot on Saturday, bought the cabinets and countertops, hardware and a few other things and low and behold...the desk is already almost done. EZ was up in the attic when I came home today and I asked him what he was doing...well he was running the cable through the wall of course. I asked him why and he said well if we move the desk out here and our internet is through the cable, I need a cable outlet. He is extremely handy. When the desk is done in another day or so, I will have to post pictures, as I am extremely impressed by it.

He also told me that he found a solution to our kitty litter situation. You see, our littler box is in our spare bathroom upstairs, where eventually our kid(s) will be using. He told me he was going to cut a hole in the wall in the bathroom, put in a door and build out an extra little room/storage/closet thing where he will put the litter box and then put a kitty door in the door. Apparently there is just empty space behind this wall that is over our garage that he can reinforce enough to have a little room there. You can add that to his growing to do list. (The patio still needs to happen this spring too!) Lots (for him) to do while I grow a baby inside of me. :)

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