Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

As I sit here watching USC put the hammer down to Penn State, I thought I would update on the next Zack vacation. We have looked a lot of places and deliberated a lot over what we could do, how much time could EZ take off, how much could we afford, what type of place did we want to go see...

After a lot of discussion it is done, we have all of our plane tickets and we are headed to Ireland for a week and then Italy Italy for 2 weeks. We originally wanted to do England/UK and France too, but it became too much, too many days, too much money, etc. We can go back.

Oh, and it just so happens we will be in Italy the same time as the Giro d'Italia-and Lance is racing it for the first time. So more rearranging of our itinerary and there you go, no we will be in Florence the day one stage finishes and then be there to see the start of the next stage! How fun!!

Been thinking about triathlon options too, this means of course I would have to race a race in April or first week in May (White Lake??) and that would be it until way later in the season. I don't do vacation to exercise, so three weeks off and that would put me behind. So who knows, I am not out there to be any sort of elite triathlete and had already decided I didn't want to race in the elite age group any more...too many times finishing last and not enough determination or really desire to want to spend my free hours training enough to move up, so back to the age group I go. Triathlon is just something I do to keep me fit and healthy, and right now I am enjoying just running-plus I still have this goal to break 22 min in the 5K!

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Beth said...

Your vacation sounds so awesome!! I would love to see Italy...especially when there is a big cycling race going on and Lance sitings possible! :) Hope you have a great week Laurie!