Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mathematician

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal had an article about the Best and Worst jobs...You can read about it here

But here are the top ten jobs to have right now:
1. Mathematician
2. Actuary
3. Statistician
4. Biologist
5. Software Engineer
6. Computer Systems Analyst
7. Historian
8. Sociologist
9. Industrial Designer
10. Accountant

I found it interesting that the top three jobs are things you major in at HPU in our department. So today I showed my students this article. I of course talked to them too about how really most of these jobs are high paying jobs (just not in education). They found that quite amusing and interesting too and I think it might have sparked some interest in some. Either way, I guess that means if I lose my job in teaching, I could probably find a great, high paying job somewhere at a company and help solve real world problems.

I also showed my class the following IBM Commercial that I happen to see on TV the other night while watching the Duke vs WFU game (down with the Blue Devils!!!)

Thanks for a great commercial IBM!


r&j said...

I showed the same video to my students on the first day of class. I was so surprised to see the commercial on TV. IBM did a great job with it.

Wes said...

Glad you posted that Ad. I would not have seen it otherwise. It actually excites me to see equations like that in the mainstream. I remember when I was taking Calc3 and actually recognized some of the greek symbols used in Good Will Hunting.. My wife, girlfriend at the time was like what is that?!

Wes said...

I'm sorry, no we haven't met. I found you through other blogs. I'm trying to build a list of local triathlon/running ones to follow. I'm new to the blogosphere, although my wife has been raving about all the content she loves to read every day. So, I started reading some, then decided to write as well. I wish I did get to use more math in my field, I'm sure if I were in the engineering side I would, but I'm in production. The most mathematic workout I get day to day is using average rates to estimate time to completion!