Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Policy

I work at a private university, which means basically we make our own rules, like we hold classes on Labor Day. Since we are a residential campus, something like 90% of our students live on campus, so we hold class practically always.

There was lot of forecast for snow, anywhere from 1-4" around here and when I woke up this morning, it was snowing. Maybe 1/2" on the ground. But see the forecast was that it was suppose to snow all day today not that it was magically going to be on the ground this morning. I teach an 8:00am class and a 9:30am class on Tuesday's, so I got up and turned the tv on to see if school was closed. Every county in the state practically had closed schools but not HPU. So I get dressed and everything and check my email and the HPU website one last time at 7:05am, and still nothing.

So I head on my way...what normally takes 35 min, took 50min, and I arrive at 7:55am. And then my phone rings as I am getting out of my car. What...classes are canceled until 12:30??? An email went out at 7:25am that classes were canceled for the morning. Lovely. A 35 minute warning. For those like me who have to leave at 7 to get here on time, we all show up ready for class to find the classes empty.

So here I am...at HPU for the day...

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