Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new beginning

No, nothing to do with running or anything, but yes the semester started back up on Tuesday and yippee, it is back to teaching. I have 4 courses this semester, all ones I have already taught, but yet again have decided to change things up and do some different things in classes, which means more work for me.

I sat down the other day to do my annual self evaluation (for tenure), and after typing it all up, in terms of my teaching progress, professional growth, and service, I actually have done quite a bit. I did manage to finally have my first paper published in December.

Other than that, it is just about to get really cold here in NC. Tomorrow's high is maybe going to hit 30. And it is windy out. All that cold that was in the midwest is finally arriving here. By the look of the 10 day forecast, I don't think we will have any moderately mild days anytime soon.

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Rebecca DeWire said...

Congrats on your publication. That is fantastic news.