Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week in Numbers

Here are last weeks numbers:

Monday- 4 mile easy (9 min pace)
Tuesday- 1100 yard swim
Wednesday- 5.2 mile run with JF (8:10 pace)
Thursday- 40 min trainer ride
Friday- 32 min run (probably like 3.5 miles)
Saturday-6 mile easy bike, 10 min easy run
Sunday- Dixe Diva's Triathlon

Swim: ~2000 yds
Bike: ~30 miles
Run: ~17 miles

Took it pretty easy this week between races (I don't ever race this much). Quick synopsis of the race. I had a great race, beat my A goal of 55 min, and total time was 54:06. I won the race by about 30 seconds. I'll write up a little recap with some photos in a couple days.

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