Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recent Run

I ran yesterday morning...well I at least ran/walked. It was an up and down week of training. Nothing spectacular. I tried to do intervals on the track at 9am under the hot sun and melted on Wednesday. I headed to the pool Thursday only to find the one two lanes at the gym for lap swimming being taken by a handle of women doing water aerobics. Instead I lifted. I haven't lifted in a few weeks. I did some stuff I typically don't do like single leg squats, and single leg dead lifts.

Friday I was sore, really sore. But I ran an easy 35 min (probably average 9:30/9:45 pace). But that was fine, we need recovery runs. Saturday I woke up tired and still crazy sore, well at least my left quad was just hurting. I headed out for an easy 8. I told myself I wasn't going to run hard, and I didn't. It is a big loop for a course. I felt off and the humidity was sitting at 93% went I left at 7:30am.

By mile 3.5 I had a side cramp, still felt crappy. By mile 4, I felt sick to my stomach. At this point I had a choice to turn around (to make 8 miles) or continue on my loop (for 8 miles). I kept going, since I was going to have to do 8 miles. At 4.2 miles I stopped and walked. And at mile 5 I walked again, and at mile 6.5, and at mile 7.3. Yes. It was bad. And I wasn't running fast by all means. My miles were in the low 9min range in the beginning and I wasn't trying to push the pace.

I walked through the door and drank some chocolate milk. Took off my shorts and tank top which were completely soaked and just laid on the floor. I haven't had a recent run that I can recall where I felt like this. It was not pretty. If I had my phone with me, I would have called EZ and asked him to pick me up. :) Took me all day and a good nights sleep to feel better today.

I just need to remember, yes the ran sucked...but I did get out there and run. Each run makes me stronger.

My week:
Monday-4 miles easy
Tuesday-18 mile bike
Wednesday- ~5 miles with intervals (4x200, 3x400, 2x800)
Friday- 35 min easy run
Sat-8 painful run/walk miles
Sunday- Nothing/stretching.

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