Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dixie Diva's Triathlon Report

So after the marathon, my friend Elaine convinced me to sign up for this all womens triathlon. I knew I probably needed a break from running after training so much and so I figured this would be a good excuse to get myself to do some cross training on the bike and in the pool. I did look up the last triathlon I did, it was Sept 2008, so almost 6 year ago.  I had about 8 weeks to train for this triathlon, in terms of getting in decent shape on the bike and somewhat respectable in the water.  The distance was 300yd pool swim, 10 mile bike (although my bike computer recorded 10.75) and 2.5 mile run.

Swim: Time 3:58 (to the timing mat)
I was seeded 7th in the pool. In all my years of racing, not sure I've been seeded that far back when even racing elites in the pool, but no worries. I'm pretty laid back about this and don't really mind having to deal with passing considering I swam for so long of my life. I passed the girl who left in front of me (15 sec) at the 100 mark and then caught two more on the last lap. My time was probably about 3:45 for the actual swim. I caught another girl in transition too.

Bike: 32:22 (19.8mph)
This was where I thought I was the weakest. This is a pretty tough course, good hills not too much flat. I passed a girl around mile 2, she passed me back at mile 6 and I let her not get too far away the last 4 miles. I pushed so incredibly hard on the bike to stay somewhat close to her. She never got more than maybe a tenth of a mile away. We came into transition and I was just  a few seconds behind her.

T2: I had a great transition and passed the girl back plus put about 10 second on her. I always had fast transitions and I held up my streak with  21 second through T2.

Run: 16:35 (6:38 pace)
The run use to be my weakest sport. And I knew I was a stronger runner but I ran hard, really hard to hold her off. It was a three loop run course and she finally caught me in the middle of the third lap. She started 30 seconds ahead of me and she said she didn't have it in her to put another 30 seconds on me in the last 1/2 mile. So we ran together to the finish.

Final time: 54:06.
I won by 30 seconds to the girl who I essentially started the bike with and we raced back and forth for the bike and run. It was my swim (and transitions) that earned me the victory, and a sweet $100 gift card to a sports store.

It was fun and exhausting and I'm super thrilled with my splits and effort and the ability to not give up. Enjoy a few photos:
Ahhh...I look happy to swim:

 Off the bike:
Last lap of the run:

P thought this was a fun year

Elaine and I post race:

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