Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Week in Numbers

Last Weeks Training:
Monday: 31 min run on the beach
Tuesday: 5+ miles at the beach with 8x1 min hard 1 min easy intervals
Wednesday: 26.5 mile ride (16 mph)
Thursday: 2000 yd swim
Friday: 29 min run
Saturday: 5ish miles. 1 mile with P in her race, plus my 5K and some warm up cooldown Time: 20:41
Sunday: 18 mile easy ride (15mph)

Run:  ~18 miles
Bike: 44 miles
Swim: 2000 yd

I'll write up a little post about the race. It was P's first race of 1 mile color run. She didn't really want to do it to start with and then after a few minutes wanted to stop. We did the whole thing in the end and it took us about 19 min. What's funny is that T saw us running and she wanted to run so she jumped in and ran most of it. :) I then ran the 5K, it is a super tough, hilly course. I managed to win again and PR by almost 40 seconds. Ran 20:41. Was not at all expecting to run that fast coming off marathon training.

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Jenny said...

Now you need to update your PRs on the side of your blog! :) Way to go!