Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Am I the only one who just doesn't understand Twitter? It seems like it is just a status bar on Facebook that you can update at your choosing. So what is so special about this? And why are so many people saying (on facebook even) that they are addicted to it?

2. I am a secret Kelly Clarkson fan...always have been. Her songs make me smile and are great beats to run to, and I like her new song out right now. Actually, EZ secretly likes her too.

3. The weather here is finally going to settle down and stop bouncing between getting warm and then cold again. This will be a huge relief because my allergies finally had enough this past week and I felt like my head was living in a cloud. Getting better, but going out to exercise has been tough. Even using my inhaler, I have been having issues breathing.

4. Major sporting events should not be played at 10:00pm. First, I don't think athletes are used to having to play a game that late, it is unfair to them right! And second, I cannot stay up that late night after night watching these bball games. You west coast people get it easy.

5. Someone told me my eyes were mesmerizing the other day. I have very dark black eyes, so dark that you can barely see my pupils, like black holes, they suck you in! This isn't normal, as I have never met any one else with eyes this dark, so does that make it part recessive gene? And since EZ has blue eyes, which is recessive, I wonder what kind of eyes our kids will have (when we have kids).


Anonymous said...

WHEN are you having kids??!!!!

Krista said...

Wait a second - you eyes are like mine so you can't say you've never met someone with eyes like that :) I also had a patient say something about how wonderful my eyes were the other day too - weird!

Anonymous said...

that was not me saying when are you having kids love mom

Cor-Weeeeeee said...

ohhhh lalalala. Mesmerizing ohhhhhh yeaaahhhh. :) Love ya you sexy thing you! hahaha

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

is ez going to like everyone knowing that he like kelly? Hope all is well with ya'll!