Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thieves in Detroit

A summary of the strangest weekend I might have ever had:

Friday afternoon: drove 11 hours to MI, arrived at 11:37pm. Left my school bag in my car parked in my parents driveway. Bag contained purse.

Saturday morning: 7:45am I go out to the has been broken into. Bag with school stuff (aka school laptop) and purse are gone. File a police report.

Sat evening: attend final four games...Go Tar Heels!!!

Sun morning: MI police recover my bags!! Minus the school laptop, brand new cell phone, money and TI-89 Calculator. My quizzes I was going to grade are still my students will not receive all A's. And thank you to the thieves you left my purse which had my wallet, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and 2 inhalers. I at least don't have to get all new cards for grocery stores and libraries and my drivers license.

Sun evening: the craziest game of cards with my sister was in the rarest of all forms!

Mon: pack all our stuff in the car to drive home after the game. Watch UNC win the national championship game!! Yeah!!! Kind of a blowout, but fun to be a UNC fan!!
We walk back to our car to find stuff from our trunk all over the ground by our car. What the heck...another car break in! Is my car screaming "come to me"??? This time the GPS is stolen but nothing else. They left our stuff on the ground for us to pick up.

At least no broken windows right?

Who has this kind of luck to have your car broken into twice in 3 days. I am not so upset about anything except the laptop...the school laptop, with all of my work for all of my classes on it. The rest of the "stuff" is replaceable.

Why hadn't I backed up my files over the past year???? :)

I am avoiding Michigan at all costs. No more visiting the family for a while until the economy turns around!


Beth said...

That has got to be the worst luck I've ever heard of!!! ARGHHH!!! I would be so angry. I hope all your work from the computer isn't too hard to "replace". Good luck! (and go Heels! :)

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

That sucks!!