Monday, April 27, 2009

Math Competition

A while ago, I posted that our Math Club that I am trying to get going decided they wanted to host a local math competition, to which I was told there was no way I could pull it off. This said competition was this past Saturday, and it went surprisingly well. My students did work hard, and they did submit questions to me with answers, but the problem was, many were just not that difficult.

Now a week ago, I had only 1 team that had entered the competition. I panicked...what do I do??? Then I got an email saying another team was sending 2 teams. Ok, so now we are up to 3. I sent an email out to many schools who told me they wanted to come. And I got 2 more teams. So the competition ran with 5 teams, which for the first year, isn't so bad.

I think it was pretty successful, other than the fact that I was spending Thursday and Friday nights at my computer coming up with questions. The bad thing was, I did this so last minute, that I was doing my solutions late Friday night, and I had a few incorrect answers. Yikes, I am no math teacher right! Luckily, some of the other teachers were doing the problems and a few challenged my answers. I think on the total of 61 questions, I had 2 incorrect.

We will probably do it again next year, with some modification and I think we can have twice as many teams come, so that will be great.

I am feeling better, I think I am finally over my sickness...I went for two walk/runs last week. Only running a total of 10 min each time, which was rough, and went for a 22 min run yesterday. It was not the best feeling, but what do I expect after a 3 week hiatus of being sick and stressed out.

Only 3 more days of class....then final exams, semester is almost over!

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