Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow and Books!

After being close to 70 last week, we got 4 inches of snow Sunday night...and HPU canceled classes yesterday! That makes for a short week now and next week is spring break!!

I thought I would update on some books I have read over the past few weeks...

1. The Shack by William Young. This is a deeply religious book that one of the book clubs picked. It was a rather quick read but I didn't like it nearly as much as The Christmas Sweater. I think it touches different people in different ways and depending on what you are going through depends on how I think you feel about the book. It was interesting and I did like how the author viewed God/Jesus/Holy spirt as the different people, and the ideas of what everything represented.

2. New Moon by Stephanie Myers. This was not on my list to read, but my sister is coming to visit this weekend (YEAH!!) and wants to take the books back. So I picked up the second book in the twilight series. It was OK and got kind of interesting at the end. I skim some of the fluff I don't like reading and it really is a serious teenage drama, but my sister swears 3 is better and 4 is really good, so I am pretty sure I will end up reading these.

3. Animal Farm by George Orwell. I had never read this book and I am trying to weave in some classics into my mix. I really enjoyed this, it is super short and I loved the meanings behind a lot of the characters. I got invested into some of the characters and was not happy with what they did to the horse, and loved the ideas behind governing played out on the farm. I do realize this has much more meaning if I go back and study some history and I might spend some time doing that.

I am still reading The Omnivoires Dilemma, I read a few pages every few nights. It really is hard to get through it but I am learning a lot. And I am reading An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor (book club), which is an alright story which takes place in Ireland. I am also listening to The Good Earth by Pearl Buck in the car right now. Maybe I will be done with these in the next couple weeks.

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