Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Great Games

Wow! The games at here in Greensboro yesterday were so much fun! Put 20000 people, 1/3 of which hate UNC and 2/3 of which hate Duke, made for two fun games. The UNC/LSU game was really exciting. And the Duke fans cheered for LSU as if they were Duke. I must say the Duke students are the best fans. Chanting and screaming the entire time. You would think that after so many years, the UNC students would step it up. Either way, it was exciting to see the Heels play great against a strong LSU team.

The Duke/Texas game was interesting. Texas hung around most of the game but played really sloppy, missing who knows how many free throws and numerous turnovers. Texas lost the game because of their own mistakes. Really, not a lot of play calling and team work. Duke didn't play all that well, so in the end, the game was great. And once Texas finally tied it up with a few minutes, the entire UNC crowd was on their feet cheering for Texas. And as much as I don't usually cheer for Texas, I just can't cheer for Duke!! It was quite a fun Saturday.

It has been an exciting tourny so far! Thanks T for the tix! Here is EZ enjoying the Duke/Texas game:

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