Friday, March 20, 2009

Uncomfortable Seats

We were lucky enough to score awesome tickets to the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tourny. So yesterday after my two morning classes and a not so brief faculty meeting, I bolted and headed to the Coliseum. We got there right at half time of the first game (LSU vs Butler) and saw a second half great game. I was cheering for LSU since I had picked them, but it seemed the entire stadium was routing for Butler. Then the UNC game, in which we witness Psycho T break the ACC all time career points (which JJ Redick held...not a fan of by the way).

We took a break in between session and grabbed some chinese buffet before heading back to watch a decent Minnesota/Texas game. Minnesota definitely had the best pep band of the four games. And then the Duke game, which we only stayed through half time. By then, it was 11, I was so tired and my back hurt. The seats in the collisium are TERRIBLE. Really uncomfortable and hard as a rock! When we go back tomorrow, I am bring something to sit on for sure.

Probably did not help with my back problems, but I have visited the chiropractor 5 times so far and I must say, I haven't felt better in quite a while. Still a little bit of residual pain in places and sometime, but I have to say that it is working! I was going to run the 5K tomorrow morning, but since my back flared up, I took it really easy the past 2 weeks, only ran 2x this week and easy and on the treadmill to soften the impact.

Other random news...I went and heard Thomas Friedman speak Wed night at HPU. Our president was/is a big business person who knows a lot of people and brought him in (did I mention our graduation speaker this year is Buzz Aldrin). I heard Friedman speak on the Colbert Report (or maybe it was the Daily Show) a few months ago, but haven't read any of his book. He spoke for a little over an hour about his new book Hot, Flat and Crowded, and it was really interesting. Very good speaker and great presentation and information. Based on his talk, the book sounds really good.

Lets get ready for two more great bball games tomorrow!!

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