Thursday, April 27, 2006

Training Week

I raced last Sunday at Miniman- 2.4 mile run, 12 mile bike, 1.2 mile run. It didn't go great, but I can't complain either. I didn't really rest at all for the race, just took the Saturday real easy, but I ran really hard Friday afternoon (although not intentionally)! This was my first duathlon and as I am not the greatest runner it was much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Usually, I get on the bike in a triathlon feeling fresh and warmed up. But hoping onto the bike after running-not nice for my legs which were already a bit tired and sore. Oh well. My ride wasn't great-it just hurt-especially the hills. With my new bike the hills are much easier but I just didn't have it in my legs to push them hard. Turns out three of the girls in front of me went off course (about 1.8 miles) on the bike so I ended up passing them and getting 4th overall. They probably all would have finished ahead of me had they not gone off course, but 4th overall isn't bad for my first duathlon.

Of course, my T2 transition was a blazing 38 seconds, the fastest out of any male or it typically is pretty fast. Eric is always amazed as this, and can't seem to figure out how I do it...I am not sure I know either-just go go go. You can view my race report (and find photos) at

This week has just been training-did a long ride Tuesday and felt great, did a brick yesterday and felt good, and swam this morning and did good too. I am going to go for a few more hard days before I take a nice rest week for the race next weekend.

I am headed up to James Madision this weekend for a math conference-yeah. I talk on Saturday afternoon on my research. Should be pretty low key, one of my friends is going and talking right after me. I tried to talk Eric into going but he didn't feel like having a stressful weekend (of driving). Maybe he will get around to reapolstering the other cushions on the couch then!

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