Monday, April 17, 2006

The Exhausting City of DC

Eric and I spent a long weekend up in DC for Easter. It was a Christmas present from Eric's parents. We meet them and his brother and his family there for a family get together. We stayed outside DC in Crystal/Pentagon City, about a 10 min walk to the metro. The first day we were there we got up early (of course-do we ever sleep in) and went the Smithsonian. We hung out at the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum (EZ's choice). We went through them (or parts of them) pretty quick. We decided to head up to tour George Washington and then go to Georgetown. We didn't really see much of GWU-I think mainly because it is just woven into the city. We walked towards Georgetown and shopped along M Street which had tons of shops. Had to stop at the Lush store and pick up some stuff-if you like shops like Body Works and Bath and Body Shop-you might love Lush. Everything there is all natural and smells amazing. They have very unique products and their Bath Bombs and Bubble bath bars are great. Lately I have been trying their new soaps and have fell in love with 17 Cherry Tree Lane-great smelling, smooth creamy soap. You can check out their stuff at

After shopping and grabbing some crazy expensive ice cream (~$5 for a single scoop) we toured Georgetown and wow what a beautiful school. By the time we were done it was late in the afternoon and we headed back to the hotel-exhausted. We probably walked a good 4 or 5 miles that day-just on our feet all day. We meet up with Eric's family and went to dinner. Saturday we meet one of my friends for breakfast at a cute spot (Pete's Diner) on Capitol Hill. It was great catching up with you Marissa! We then headed to the art museum (my choice) and did the Cezanne exhibit. We just hung out in DC that afternoon-spent some time in Barnes and Noble and went to the Ford Theater (where Lincoln was shot) and walk around Chinatown where we had dinner with a couple of Eric's friends. After that we met up with Eric's family in the pool of our hotel and just talked.

We woke up early Sunday morning and went for a run and then we all had breakfast together and hung out before everyone left. We drove home and made great time-only took us a little under 4 hours to ge to Chapel Hill and like 4:15 to home. Eric decided we could go out and ride too so we did a 25 mile loop and worked the hills really hard. I was very impressed with my self as I was able to keep up with Eric on most of the hills.

Now it is time for another week. Just a regular week and a short duathon this week!

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