Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Running and Other Things

Suprisingly I've managed to get back to running quicker than with Piper. I'm starting to feel better running too. Not fast by any means, but I've run twice this week just over 3 miles each time. I've been lifting a little too, just arms. And I'm down a few more pounds. I have lots of goals for all sorts of things and I won't say really what my goal for the 5k in 4.5 weeks is. I know I won't be fast, but that doesn't mean I have to be slow. :) I go round and round about trying things like the P90x or Insanity or getting some other videos at home but then I stop myself and say that I don't need that and maybe could come up with my own routine without having to buy that stuff and that I can fit in around running. Like I just bought some free weights and am lifting in the house. Trying to get some things accomplished when Tatum sleeps. Oh maybe I should be sleeping! :) Speaking of sleeping...we started having EZ give T the first bottle at night so I can sleep straight for a fair amount. This has worked really well. I now get usually 6 hours of sleep before I have to get up to feed her. I know it is probably having a little affect on my milk supply but I am producing a ridiculous amount of milk, probably over producing by close to 20oz a day, so I'm ok with that coming down a bit. I did say to EZ the other day that I was already over the bf and pumping. I did give myself a goal to make it to August when I go back to work and I hope that I do make it. I have all sorts of fun things that are going on. I started up a running group in my neighborhood and am hoping for some good news on a sponsor that I applied for (keeping that secret for now) and hoping for good news in some personal work related things too. Exciting things ahead. Oh and did I mention I am going to do a triathlon in September. I am super mom. :)

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Mandy S said...

Super mom, indeed!!! wow!!! You make all of the rest of us look bad!!! ;-) I can only manage to fit in 20 minute runs early morning before everyone wakes up! it's early and they're short but sweet and they do make a difference!!! Keep up the good work!