Thursday, May 24, 2012

Celiac's Healing

I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease last February, so it has now been a little over a year. My symptoms were scattered all over the place where nothing was super serious. I had digestive issues, had IBS, was chronic anemic since I was little, have low blood pressure, a little bit of hyperthyroid, and then the miscarriage which is listed as a symptom too.

I will say I am pretty strict to to the diet. I've never purposefully ate anything with gluten, but I will say I am not super strict on the cross contamination issue. Meaning, I will go out to eat and order something that is gluten free but know that there is a chance it might touch something that has gluten and I might have a crumb added to my diet. Whether or not this causes any problems, I don't know. I have been pregnant most of the time since being diagnosed so I had some digestive issues as things progressed with the pregnancy, but that could just have been from T squishing my insides.

One of these days, I think to myself, I'm just going to eat a piece of cake or cookie, or a piece of pizza and see what happens, how I feel, but maybe not. If I do, I know it will have to be something totally worth it. (Like the Reece's PB cake at Big Ed's Chicken Pit in High Point)

The point being, that yesterday I had a general doctors appointment, they did some complete blood work to check all my vitamin levels, ect. The doctor called me today to say that everything is perfect, textbook perfect levels. For someone who has had low iron my whole life, despite taking supplements over the last few years (it was down to 9.7 post Piper) and I haven't even been taking anything since T's been born, occasionally a multivitamin. But really I think this is all due to being gluten free now. My IBS seems to have come to some sort of containment, and I feel better, and I am apparently absorbing nutrients and vitamins now at a great level and I am really happy about that.

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Rebecca Wills said...

That's great news!