Thursday, May 10, 2012

1 Month Old

T turned 1 month old on Sunday. It's funny, I really don't take that many pictures of her. I feel kind of bad about it. I mean I have a ton of pics of Piper at all ages, but poor T I fear she will get the shaft. She is definitely growing as she seems to feel heavier and chunkier, whatever that means to a skinny infant. She is still in newborn diapers but will be switching to size 1 next week when we finish the box I have. And she is is newborn clothes (when I actually put something on her). Another downfall of kid number 2 I guess...I mainly keep her in pj's or those long sleeve shirts with the mittens in them and sometimes pants, sometimes no pants. I rarely actually put an outfit on her. Maybe that will change over time.

My dad came to visit last week and I took only a couple photos. But here are a few photos from the trip and of T:

And here is T at 1 month (and 2 days) and a little smile:

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