Thursday, March 01, 2012


Wow...I've really been lazy on the posting. Even worse...I still haven't taken any pictures of P. :( I do however have a couple good videos on my phone I need to upload on here from a birthday party we went to a couple weekends ago. Maybe next week when I have some time, maybe.

I give my final exam today which is crazy. I technically don't have any more work to do after today. But I do have a lot that I would like to get done in the next month before baby 2 arrives. We'll see how productive I can be after a girls weekend and then a trip to a math conference next week. Then its get down to business with some research, 5th year review stuff for work and getting the house in order. Which entails getting P moved into her new room to get adjusted and making a bunch of freezer meals as well as some cleaning I guess.

On the exercise front, I'm hanging in there but man its getting rough. This week I finally had to slow down past 10 min miles, for that though I am super proud of myself. I am 5 1/2 weeks out and I was hitting way slower paces at this point with P. I am only running maybe 15 min at a time and then walking and over the course of the week only running maybe 45min to an hour. The rest is walking and the elliptical. But I just keep telling myself to keep going and hang in there. It is going to make it easier post baby. Plus it doesn't help that my weight is now at what I was at with P and I know I probably still have another 5 pounds perhaps and I definitely don't help myself with ice cream addiction-occasionally having two bowls at night. :) At least I have an excuse!

P is growing up fast it seems. She has much more of an attitude now and has become extremely picky when eating. She has officially learned the word no which is her answer to almost everything. Most nights, it is a struggle to get her to eat something that is not crackers. Most of the time she wont even try whatever it is we are eating, just screams no and gets upset if we put something on her plate she doesn't want. Oh well. Hopefully she'll come back around to eating well again!

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Alili said...

You are doing awesome! Wow, time has flown by!