Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Term

Today marks 37 weeks, which is pregnancy lingo means full term. I'm still pregnant and chugging along. I have high hopes that I can make it through this week since I have stuff I would like to get done! I told myself I wouldn't run anymore, but the problem is when I go for a walk, I walk pretty slowly, so my heartrate doesn't really get up that high and I feel like I'm not really getting a workout in. So I decided I would keep running but keep my running to no more than 10 minutes on any given day, and no more than 3 times in a week, so max of 30 min running per week. I think that is fair enough. I did run 10 min on Saturday and it wasn't pretty nor comfortable by any means, but oh well. Today I opted for 35 min on the elliptical instead. Whatever works.

This post is solely for the purpose of posting some pictures of P...

She had a crash at daycare and cut her eye pretty good-it didn't really phase her though:

Testing out the infant car seat now that we have it back together:

Happy Girl:

I bought some larger clothes for her and she came home and wanted to put on this 5T dress I got over her clothes, she had lots of fun playing in it:

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