Monday, March 26, 2012

Still Pregnant

Today marks 38 weeks.

In my last two appointments, the first doctor said, "I don't think you'll make it to your due date, you will go at least 5-10 days early." My appointment last Wednesday, the doctor said "I don't think you will make it another week." These comments make every day a emotional roller coaster for me. Every little small contraction I have, I think, oh, maybe this is it. But yet here I am, still pregnant. I have another appointment tomorrow...we'll see what the doctor says this week.

Because of the doctors comments, we asked my MIL to come down a week earlier than planned. She got here yesterday. Now I wonder if baby 2 will decided to stay curled up in my belly for another 2 weeks (or more).

I wasn't sleeping well at all, so last week I asked the doctor and they gave me a prescription for some sleeping pills. This was the best decision I could have made. I haven't taken them every night, but because of the pills, I have been able to get a few nights of really good sleep in the last week which I know is helping me since I know I won't be getting much sleep once the baby arrives.

We are all ready to go here at the house. EZ has been busy doing all sorts of lawn stuff (his version of nesting). The house is somewhat together and the nursery is all ready to go. P loves her new room and is happy as can be in there. She is talking up a storm and says all sorts of words and phrases. She can even count up to 10 pretty well, as long as we start her with 1. If not, she tends to count 9, 6, 10. Not that she understands what the numbers mean, except maybe 1 and 2. Sometimes she will pick up two of something and say I have 2 ___. She is lots and lots of giggles and fun right now. I hope I can remember this when I am sleep deprived again!

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Alili said...

Hoping everything is going well for you and that you have welcomed another healthy Z into the world.