Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I don't know if I have been nesting or just getting panicked that baby 2 could arrive any day. At my 36 week check up on Monday I turned out to be 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Basically, the doctor said she could come any day but would probably be at least 5-10 days early. I'm hoping to at least make it to 38 weeks which would be March 26th (official due date is April 9th). I ran on Monday too, before my appointment, total of only 26 min broken as 2x13 min which walking before, after and inbetween, but it is definitely getting harder and more uncomfortable. Not to mention on Sunday I carried P about 1/2 mile along with her scooter home from the park since she didn't want to walk or ride the scooter. That was probably more difficult than the running to be honest. :)

Either way, we got P's new room together and she is in there now and seems perfectly happy. We have told her there is a new baby coming but she doesn't understand at all. She does like to put all of her dolls/stuffed animals to sleep by flipping them on their bellies and covering them up with a blanket, then smacking their backs really hard saying "nigh nigh". I think this is one of my biggest fears, that she will try and do that to the baby!

Her vocabulary has gone through the roof. She talks a ton now, and I can understand most of it. Still some words I have no idea, but she does do really well with most words and putting words together. She loves to read books and look at them and play music and dance as well as color. Lots of fun at the house right now. She still though has become really picky with food. She has stopped eating bread too. She loves cheese and yogurt though as well as hot dogs (which I'm not crazy about the fact that she eats these). Some days though she eats a ton and other days not as much. She is also picky about what she will try. I cut up a piece of cantaloupe, melon and pineapple for her and she only ate the cantaloupe but wouldn't even touch the other stuff.

I have pretty much got the nursery back in order. I have washed so much clothes in the last week, all of P's baby stuff and sheets and blankets, burp clothes, ect. And I finally managed to pack a hospital bag and get the infant car seat back out and washed too (not in the car yet). In addition, I got all of P's stuff in order for who is to take her at different times provided my MIL isn't here yet. And finally, yesterday I got 5 freezer meals put together for post baby. I might get ambitious and try to do another round of perhaps 5 more come next week.

Been meaning to post this...these are from a birthday party last month at a bouncy house place. P LOVED it!! The video is absolutely priceless (if I can get it to work)! I've actually taken some more photos in the last week, hopefully I'll get those up this week/weekend.


BriGaal said...

love the video!

Rebecca Wills said...

Go Piper! The video is great. I showed it to Jay and Henley. Aren't you glad you caught it on video?