Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Honest Student

For all of my classes I utilize a web application called blackboard. This basically allows me to post any information I want to the site for each of my classes. I use this to post notes from class, review sheets, homework, etc.

Well my two Calculus 1 classes got on different schedules due to a power outage one day. So one of my classes took a test on Friday and one of them will be taking their test tomorrow. I had written my test and saved in on my computer in a folder where I saved the review sheet, calling one CalcTest3 and one CalcTest3Review. Who would have thought that Friday afternoon when I went to upload my Review sheet for my second class, I uploaded the actual test!

I just received an email from a student telling me that I had posted the test online and not the review sheet. I have absolutely no idea how many of my students have seen it, but it looks like I will be writing another test for tomorrow and I am extremely grateful that the student was honest and told me in the first place!

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