Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Changing the Way We Eat

I think I am pretty conscience about what we eat, what we buy at the store and stuff. I mean, I joined a CSA this summer and then this fall and am part of our Co-op in Burlington, so that when it opens (hopefully next fall) we will have a local store selling local foods close by. I even had started looking into joining a meat CSA too, so we could get all our veggies and meat from local farms.

After watching Food Inc last night, I think I finally have convinced Eric of a lot of my reasonings behind wanting to do all this. It is really quite amazing what goes on behind the scenes of the food industry and just where all our food comes from. If you have read The Omnivore's Dilemma then a lot of what Pollen talks about in the book is in the movie but there is a lot more. I was just in shock of the politics behind both the meat industry and the soybean industry. I even told EZ this morning that I might even want to give up my soymilk and see if I my digestive system can handle drinking locally produced regular milk. Even though I do drink "organic soymilk", the whole idea that my soybeans are most likely coming from genetically modified beans from a corporation that has a monopoly on the soybean industry makes me mad. I might have to look into my soymilk that I do drink to see if I can figure out where the beans are grown.

EZ told me he would stop by the local market in Carborro and start buying all our meat from Weaver Street so at least I know it is coming from local farms, and we will just have to start investigating a farm to buy all our meat from. The CSA I joined this summer wasn't the best, so I signed up for a different one for next year and hopefully that will go well. I am currently with a second CSA that is better than the first but still not exactly what I am looking for. I will find the right one eventually!

Go out and watch Food Inc (if you have netflix it is available to watch instantly!) and hopefully we can all start changing the way we view food.

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runningyankee said...

agree. people refuse to look at the truth - cause that would make it hard (ie they cant do all their shopping at walmart and feel good about it). BUT small changes is all it takes. thanks for the post :)