Tuesday, December 08, 2009

EZ's Dreams

At 1 am last night...

EZ: "Laurie"

(me nothing)

EZ: "Laurie?!"

me: "What?" (as I sleepily wake up I notice he is propped up on his elbow in bed leaning over me)

EZ: "Oh, OK"

me: "What??? Why did you wake me up?"

EZ: "I thought you had dirt on your face"

me: "What are you talking about"

EZ: silence....

This morning when the alarm went off, I asked him if he remembered waking me up and what he said to me. He told me he kind of remembered waking me up but didn't have a clue what he had said to me. When I told him, we both started laughing.

What a fun way to start the morning! :)

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Rebecca DeWire said...

That is really funny!