Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot to DC

We made it up to DC with a short stop in Cary for the 8K (5 mile) turkey trot. I did the one at Inside Out because I also needed to buy a new pair of running shoes-so it was a multipurpose trip!

I didn't really have a goal but would be happy breaking 40:00, and I did-38:27, just over 7:40 pace. I wasn't running really hard until the last mile, just a bit faster than comfortable. It was a somewhat hilly course-lots of short hills until the last mile, which seemed all up hill! But I think the half marathon will go alright next weekend.

I was pretty happy with the race until about half way through when Rebecca passed me pushing her baby jogger. I did keep her in sight though the whole rest of the race-but who knows how far behind me she started! Still, makes me feel like running is just not ever going to happen for me.

After the race, we kept on driving up north and now we are chillin in the Hyatt until the in-laws arrive and we head out for some Thanksgiving dinner prepared by some restaurant!

Happy Turkey Day!

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Rebecca DeWire said...

So nice to meet you around 2.5 miles. That was kind of funny. Great job today and good luck at your upcoming half marathon.