Thursday, November 13, 2008

South Carolina

Last weekend, EZ and I headed down to Columbia, SC for the Arkansas vs USC football game. We were suppose to meet our friends from college who now live in Atlanta, but they ended up not being able to go.

Friday night we stayed with some friends in Charlotte, where EZ was able to break all of Nick's records on wii fit and guitar hero before we left and Saturday morning after some awesome french toast, we drove down to Columbia.

We were in the second to last row up in the clouds, but since it was their homecoming they had a fly over by some fighter jets, who happen to fly right over our heads.

Here they are (even though they still look far away):

Here is the view of the stadium from our seats:

And for some reason, Michael Phelphs was there...why, I have no idea. He doesn't have ties to South Carolina, I don't think...I think this is a great picture from our seats-He is in the white shirt, hat on backwards with his arms crossed on the sideline (my camera's got great zooming capabilities!):

On the way back, we stopped and got gas for the car and I couldn't believe what I saw (this was in SC, not NC):

After the terrible loss, we drove home and stopped to eat at Stamey's BBQ in Greensboro. I have been told about this place by my NCSU office mates and we finally ate some damn good NC BBQ and homemade strawberry cobbler!

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