Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's About Time!

One more class to go and then the luxury of being a teacher pays off! Off tomorrow with nothing but grading to do (yeah) and maybe put the bathroom back together. We managed to paint the last bathroom in the house (what we call the kitty bathroom). Eric picked a darker blue than I had originally picked and it looks very Carolina Blue (maybe that was goal all along). I think if we put the right accessories in their, all will be calm in the Tarheel bathroom.

The dining room molding has also been painted, now we have to touch up the red paint that we had put up before the molding! :) The goal is still the have the downstairs painted by Christmas, which means Eric will be busy putting up more molding the next couple weeks too.

We leave Thursday morning for DC, but first stop will be Cary for a 8K Turkey Trot. I am not looking for much-but the half marathon is next weekend (Dec 7), so I am hoping that I can run a little faster than my secret half marathon pace for the 8K.

We also have decided to order the matching loveseat and another chair for our bedroom. We finally agreed on a coffee table too, which will arrive in a couple weeks. There are lots of odds and ends we still have to do, but we did get our Christmas cards ordered and they will be in next week.

Alright, it is time to get a little work done before the last class of the week!

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Beth said...

Good luck at the Turkey Trot!!! Hope you have fun...and have a great Thanksgiving! :)