Monday, December 01, 2008

TSO and DC

I tried to surprise EZ the other weekend for a date night out by sending him an evite and everything. I got tickets to see Trans-Siberian-Orchestra in Greensboro. Basically this is like Pink Floyd meets Christmas music. I brought the camera and when I pulled it out, the battery was dead so no pictures. It was still a fun evening and it was a crazy light show at the concert and the music was pretty cool too!

Then off to DC and some touring of the sights. We headed to a few museums, monuments, saw the IMAX 3D movie-Deep Blue Sea, which was really cool. Saw some amazing photos of nature in an exhibit in the natural history museum. Stopped by the zoo and the national cemetery. And of course a stop in DC cannot be without a quick visit to M street and the Lush Store!

Here are some cool red pandas (or is that EZ in the zoo!):

The national monument isn't big at all:

Killer must be getting upset at all of the time we have been spending away (sorry the lighting is a bit off), and yes that is good ole nascar on the tv:

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If the shoe FITZ.... said...

how was the concert? I have always wanted to see them!!