Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Bee

T minus 5 days until the family starts arriving. Will we have our Christmas decorations up? Nope. Will we have the Christmas tree? Nope. Will the crown molding be finished? Maybe. Will I be done grading? Probably Not.

Final exams started yesterday, so I spent my afternoon watching my helpless calculus students struggle through a exam. I got a little done while they worked, but not enough. My last exam is Thursday morning, with two on Tuesday and one on Wednesday as well. My goal is to be almost done with grading by the time my sister and E and little Amelia arrive on Friday.

The painting of the downstairs went well last weekend and Eric has spent the entire week and weekend putting up the double crown molding. He still isn't done and thinks he might be done nailing it up tomorrow. Then that leave a day for sanding, a day for caulking and a day for painting. With no hope of having the living room furniture back in the living room by the time Friday comes around. So of course that means no decorations and no tree. But since they are graciously arriving early to hang out, they can assist me in doing these things so that by the time the rest of the family comes on the 23rd all will be well in the Zack household. :)

I found very little time this past week to do any exercising. Although that was probably good news for my knee. I made it Thursday to the gym and did 20 min of running with 10 min on the elliptical before and 10 more after. Then back again yesterday for the same but with 25 min of running. The knee feels alright so I am hoping to head out this afternoon for a 30 min run outside before the HPU Christmas Dinner.

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Timothy said...

It would be great to see some pictures of the downstairs, once you have the painting done, the crown molding up and the Christmas decorations in place!

Good luck getting all of that work done. But if you don't, it will be a great New Year's resolutions..."Finish (you fill in the rest)."

Happy holidays.