Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day to Relax

After saying goodbye to Krista, E, Amelia and my mom this morning, Eric and I had the house to ourselves again for the first time in a week. We spent the day doing absolutely nothing. Watched some football, took a nap, played some wii, read a little, finished off some leftovers...stayed in my pj's until maybe 2 when I decided to take and shower and then get back into sweats! It was great!!!

The week got hectic with 16 people in the house-5 of them being little ones, but is was nice to have the whole family here. I haven't seen my parents and grandparents since last xmas! It was a little busy and stressful, but not too bad. Everyone got fed enough cookies to last a few months and we still have enough ham to eat for another week.

EZ came down with some sort of cold/flu type thing which has meant unbelievable snoring the past couple nights, which then means not much sleeping for me, and with every room in the house full, I had no where to go to sleep but next to the snoring husband.

I am off for another week until I head up to DC for a math conference and then back to school again. Hopefully I will get back into it, but for now...relaxation (oh and probably a nice massage to be scheduled by way of my birthday present from EZ!)

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