Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Two Weeks in Numbers

Last Two Weeks:

Monday:4 ez miles (9:15pace)
Wednesday: 7.5 miles- 6 at 7:35 pace.
Saturday: 5 miles (8:00avg)
Sunday: 12.5 miles (avg 8:30) miles 7-10 at 7:50 avg pace
Total: 29 miles

I took an extra few days off this week for no other reason then I just didn't feel good and was unmotivated! The cool this this week though was Wednesday's run was during the lunar eclipse followed by the blood moon. I got to witness just after the start of the eclipse through the full covering and then the starting of the blood moon part until the sun came up which was really cool!

Monday:4 easy (9:15 pace)
Wednesday: 6 miles-intervals- 1x2mile (7:16pace), 2x1mile (7:10, 7:04)
Thursday: 4 easy (9:20 pace)
Friday: 7 miles- 6 Tempo at 7:38 pace
Saturday: 5miles (8:20 pace)
Sunday: 10 miles negative split (8:35 avg first half, 8:08 avg second half)
Total: 36 miles

I jumped back in again and ran a lot this week. Still lacking some motivation, and Wednesday interval run I had planned to do 2x2 mile but when starting the second one I just couldn't do it. So I stopped after a mile took a few min to recover and then did another mile. This run was also in the pouring rain in the dark which didn't help. Sunday's long run was the first run in awhile without my running partner Jenny and it definitely was harder to do those miles without her!

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