Monday, October 20, 2014


I took P to her first dentist appointment the other week. She seemed to do very well with the xrays and cleaning and everything. We were there for almost 2 hours with the waiting and everything and I was impressed how well she did. On the down side, she has two cavities that need to be filled in her back molars, and 5 other teeth that need sealants.

There were a few other things they noted, like one of her top front teeth is yellow compared to the others and they asked if she had some trauma.  I do recall something at some point with her falling so many that was it. Apparently, the xray shows that the nerve closed itself off on that tooth which is why it is turning yellow. They also mentioned she has really deep groves on her teeth which will be problematic for cavities (yeah), and then she also has some loss of enamel they said was likely from when her teeth were developing that she had an infection.

Either way, we have two visits scheduled to get cavities filled and sealants done. Woo hoo!!

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