Monday, September 29, 2014

Last Week in Numbers

Oh Yeah...I've been running, actually kind of a lot for me. After the last triathlon, of course I stopped swimming :) and only rode my bike twice, instead I've been ramping up my running miles contemplating a half marathon at the beginning of November.  Here are last weeks numbers:

Monday: 4 miles easy (9:15avg)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 6 miles (8;30avg)
Thursday: 6 miles- 3x1mile intervals (6:48, 6:54, 7:12-um yeah started out too fast perhaps)
Friday- 4 miles easy (9:30)
Saturday- 5 miles (7:57)
Sunday- 12 miles (8:28)

Total: 37 miles. -Most since marathon training in March. My mile intervals were not great but not so bad either. Surprised that I ran the first two as fast as I did. Saturdays run was a progressive run from 8:23 down to 7:17, and then Sunday's long run was actually quite strong. Ran with JF (as usual) and we were comfortably running around 8:30's the whole time and then both pushed the last few miles. We split with 2 miles to go and while I just kept running slightly strong around 8:00 pace, she told me she ran more like 7:15!

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