Tuesday, September 02, 2014


yeah...it has been awhile. A lot has gone on. P turned 4, we went to Michigan for 10 days, went camping, saw family. I went to CA for a week for research. I did work, won a triathlon, started back up the semester, and got hit by a car on my bike.

A few highlights-
P turned 4 and we had a birthday party at a local park with a playground, carousel and train. I took a red eye back from CA the night before and by sheer luck even though my connecting flight home was canceled, got a ride home so I could actually be there for her party.  P is a firecracker and I lose my patience a lot with her. Maybe I expect more of her because she is older and I don't realize how a 4 year old should act. But she is super active and physical and doesn't sit still.

We drove up to Michigan. Saw my dad and Evelyn and then hung out with my sister and family, got in a quick visit to see my Aunt/Uncle/Cousin and Gma. Also went camping for a few days up at Sleeping Bear with EZ's family. This was our first time camping with the girls and it went well. We slept in separate tents, meaning P and I slept in one and EZ and T slept in the other (T was in the pack n play in the tent). But it worked well and we had lots of fun climbing the dunes and hanging out at the beach and lake.

I really did get hit by a car while riding my bike. Miraculously everything turned out ok. And a couple weeks later I did a sprint triathlon in which I won. It was not my best rest, I went off course on the swim because my goggles were fogged up and I couldn't see anything and probably lost a minute and then I really cycled really hard to make up for time. The run was super hilly and hurt but I held off the girl that came in second by about 40 seconds.

Work started back up and things are just getting into full swing. I feel like I have a busy semester and P is now moved up to the more advance gymnastic class which involves some more moving pieces getting her to/from gymnastics, ect. But we are surviving.

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