Monday, September 22, 2014

P Update

So P turned 4 back in July and we just took her to her 4 year old check up a week ago. Here are some stats:
Weight: 34lbs (mainly 4T clothes, size 9/10 shoes, 37% I think)
Height: I don't even remember...but in the 61% :)

Eric took her to the appointment, so this is probably why I can't remember the stats since he told them to me over the phone. She is very talkative and the doctor was impressed by her articulation which is good. Apparently, when she went to do the eye chart, the nurse asked her to read the letters, and she said she couldn't. So she moved closer and said she couldn't, and then Eric realized she was trying to actually read the letters together as words...ha. She went back to the spots and read off the letters one by one no problem.

She is starting to read some more, really trying to sound out words and figure out sounds which is great. She is crazy active and can't sit very still (although what 4 year old can). She teases her sister a lot and once T gets old enough to fight back, man, P is going to be in for a big surprise. She is pretty emotional  and loves dress up. She is a fairly good eater and is extremely physical/strong-doing monkey bars, flips on rings, climbing, ect.

We recently were given a trampoline from a neighbor. We had to buy a new net and pads for it, but because P is in gymnastic and so active, we thought this would be a good thing for the kids. They are playing fairly well on it together and P loves it! The cutest thing is that T calls it the "trampolina"! :)

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Jenny said...

Love her hair flying in the air as she plays. :)