Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Last Week in Numbers

Monday-off due to my knee
Tuesday- 4 miles easy (9:05avg)
Wednesday-5.2 miles (8:30avg)
Thursday-50 min trainer ride
Friday- 2000swim, weights, abs
Saturday-6 miles (8:40avg)
Sunday- 25 mile bike ride 16.8mph

Nothing too exciting this week. Rode my bike on the trainer on the screened in porch, pushing my gear ever 10-15 min. My swim workout was a bit better, did 2x200 on the 3:00, and swam them in 2:29, 2:34. I also at the end of the workout did a 100 hard and manage to swim 1:10. Eh. Making progress I guess.

I have decided that there is no flat place near my house to ride my bike. This has made for hard rides.

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