Monday, August 27, 2012

Back at Work

I started back at work last week. Wow, I realized at some point it has been over 5 months since I taught in a classroom. Crazy! I'm slowly getting back into a routine and figuring out how to get out of the house on time with 2 kids. I use to take my leisurely time in the morning not getting to daycare until close to 9 since I never had to be at work that early for my classes. But I've had to leave the house by 8 most days which has been a bit of an adjustment.

I don't know who picked up the cold first (I think P), but P, T and I all have lovely cold/sinus junk that isn't pretty. Blah. Piper doesn't seem too phased by it except for her crankiness has skyrocketed. T though has been having lots of trouble sleeping and breathing. And then trying to drink her bottle when her nose is all plugged up has been hard for her too. My head feels like it is going to explode but I'll get by.

I was planning on doing a short triathlon in a few weeks but the friend that wanted to do it bailed so I am out too. It was a long way to go for such a short race and I hadn't registered yet since I was waiting for her. I was riding a couple times a week but haven't in almost 2 weeks now. As crazy as it sounds Ironman has created the inaugural 70.3 race in Raleigh next year and I am contemplating signing up. But I think that is just the lure of the brand name, I know I wouldn't be happy training for it and now with 2 kiddos I don't have as much time to go out and ride and run that much.

I have been running doing abs and plyometric type stuff. I definitely am getting faster and now that the weather is cooling down, it has been nice out to run. I ended up running 7 miles Saturday averaging 8:25 pace which is pretty good for me. I just signed up for a 10k which is in a few weeks, so we shall see how that goes. I have another friend wanting to run a half marathon in November, and while I haven't committed yet, I might end up doing it if training goes as well as the 7 miler this weekend.

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