Saturday, August 18, 2012

New GF Goodies

So, I've been messing around in the kitchen testing out recipes I've found through people. And Here are some of my favorites:

Chick Pea Cookies-these kind of fell apart for me but I think I put in too much oil. I didn't have the natural peanut butter which is more oily and based on the recipe she recommends adding some oil if you use regular. They were still pretty good considering they had no flour in them.

Flourless Zucchini Brownies-OMG these were unbelievable! I did 1 1/2x the recipie and made a 9x13 pan. These were gone in a few days. I seriously could not stop eating these. They are much more cakey then fudgy and I added an extra tablesppon of coco powder per some of the suggestions and these were to die for!

Cake Batter Energy Bars-These are definitely interesting and tastefully. And were super easy to make. I didn't have cashew butter so I used half PB and half sunflower seed butter. Maybe this was my problem, I'm not sure but mine didn't set as nicely so and were sticky, so I def had too much liquid of some kind in there. Not sure, and I didn't add the sprinkles because I didn't have any. I would make these again in a minute though because they were super easy and quick and yummy!

Honey Beans and Spinach Dinner (crockpot)-My sister said she had tried this and thought it was yummy, and so I tested it out at a bbq we went to the other day and it was super good.  It is hard to describe what this tastes like, others at the bbq asked me if it was indian food and it has the cumin and corriander in it which maybe contributes to that but they liked it too!

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Krista said...

Seriously - those flourless zucchini brownies are AMAZING!!!! They disappear as fast as we make them here :)